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LCR’s Spring/Summer Schedule

Left Coast Recruiting will be traveling around on the AAU circuit this spring/summer.  We have taken a look at the upcoming events and chose which ones we will attend.  Since we fund our own trips, we…Read More

2014 Stanley Johnson: Left Coast Phenom

Mater Dei High School produces some of the best talent out of the state of California.  2014 strong forward, Stanley Johnson has made a name for himself within the last year.  The 6-foot-5 superstar…Read More

Trevor Dunbar: Best 2014 PG in California?

At 5’9, 155 pounds Trevor Dunbar may be the best sophomore point guard in the state of California. He has already been enlisted by the Oakland Soliders, which is one of the most elite AAU programs…Read More

Richard Longrus Picks Washington State

Washington State head coach Ken Bone has been on a roll with his 2012 recruiting class.  6-foot-6 power forward, Richard Longrus chose to attend Washington State University tonight.  The versatile…Read More