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The College Editorial Director for Fansided and is known for his work on However, he now free-lances across the network. Mark has a degree in journalism and he also holds a BA in youth ministry.

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NCAA Tournament and Recruiting

Recruiting is a weird game. Coaches say what recruits want to hear and recruits hear what they want to hear. It is a world filled with perceptions and false realities. Built up by both the universities…Read More

Q&A with 2013 Patrick Ball

2013 Patrick Ball is one of the hottest rising names in Seattle. He plays guard at Franklin High School and has recently made a name for himself as he as picked up plenty of minutes. Left Coast Recruiting…Read More

Amedeo Della Valle Narrows His List

2012 Amedeo Della Valle has been one of the hottest recruited players on the Left Coast. This point guard from Findlay Prep in Nevada is almost daily picking up another offer from a school. He originally…Read More

Mike VanKirk’s Growing List

Mike VanKirk has been making a lot of noise and picking up a lot of interest since the last time Left Coast Recruiting checked in on him. This 7’1 big man from La Jolla Prep in Southern California…Read More

Q&A 2014 Shaqquan Aaron

Shaqquan Aaron is one of the most electric players in the country and he is only a sophomore. He holds about a half a dozen offers. This is remarkable considering he isn’t even able to play High…Read More

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Top 2013 Players in Washington

Washington is a deep state with plenty of D-1 talent in it; Left Coast Recruiting is here to break down…Read More

Top 2014 Players in Washington recently released their new 2014 rankings for the nation and Washington was without a single…Read More

King 5 Calls The Northwest a Recruiting Hotbed

King 5 News in Seattle Wa, did a feature on the Northwest and the recruiting roots. Chris Egan the news…Read More

Q&A with 2013 Jordan Bell

2013 Jordan Bell is one of the hottest commodities on the Left Coast. At almost 6’9 and 200 pounds,…Read More

2012 Amedeo Della Valle – Q&A

Amedeo Della Valle, out of Findlay Prep in Nevada, is the best unsigned point guard in the 2012 class…Read More

Damion Rashford: The Potential High Major No One Knows About

Damion Rashford is an ‘unknown’ to most D1 programs in the country. He doesn’t have…Read More

Game Notes: Lakeside (Seattle) vs. Ingraham

January 3rd marks the second half of the season for basketball in Washington State. Back on the grind…Read More

Mike Miller Classic: Findlay Prep

Findlay Prep took part in the Mike Miller Classic in South Dakota on Dec. 29-30. They played in two games…Read More

Merry Christmas From Left Coast Recruiting

Left Coast Recruiting wants to thank all of their new and loyal readers for these first few months. 2012…Read More

2012 Tommy Hobbs: Tops the Chart in Work Ethic

Tommy Hobbs (6’7, 200) has built his 2012 post graduate year at La Jolla Prep all around hard…Read More

#8 in Washington: Adrian Davis

Adrian Davis a shooting guard out of Mt. Rainier High School and has one of the highest ceilings in his…Read More

#9 in Washington: Mitch Brewe

Mitch Brewe is easily the most productive player in Washington right now and on most “top lists…Read More

Left Coast Stock Watch: Rising and Falling

The high school season is just a few games but there are already some recruits making a name for themselves…Read More

Gary Payton 2 and Arturs Bremers

I was able to sit down and watch a game that took place earlier this season. Westwind Prep vs. PIMA,…Read More

2012 Trey Dickerson: Making Noise

Trey Dickerson, 6’1 and 172 pounds, made a name for himself over the summer in the AAU circuit…Read More