About Left Coast Recruiting (LCR)

The West Coast (Left Coast) has produced some of the top talent in the basketball world. There is nothing new about that and Left Coast Recruiting wants to focus on the future and the current talent that is coming out of the High School and AAU circuits. Who they are and where they are going.

Left Coast Recruiting will cover everything RECRUITING on the West Coast from budding basketball players on the AAU circuits, to ripe superstars playing on a national stage, ready to be picked by the NBA.

About us -

Jason McCleary- Jason spends tons of time scouting and talking with athletes on the AAU circuit. He has a lot of sources and you can find him at multiple locations. Dawgman.com, MyNorthwest.com, and here.

Mark Knight- Most notably from theHuskyHaul.com. You may also see him on MyNorthwest.com. He has a good inside track on a lot of the west coast prep schools.

Left Coast Recruitng on twitter @LC_Recruiting


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