Standout Players in the Washington 3A and 4A State Tournament


The 3A and 4A state tournament was a success. A lot of exciting games took place at the Tacoma Dome. Rainier Beach won the 3A field and Curtis won 4A field. Both MVP’s of 3A and 4A were usually the smallest guys on the court. Dominic Robinson won MVP for Curtis and Will Dorsey won MVP for Rainier Beach.

Left Coast Recruiting was in attendance for two days straight from beginning to end checking out local talent. Here is an in depth run down of players who stood out.


Arell Hennings (Franklin) – The 5’9 guard showed leadership at the point guard position. Hennings has the will to win and loves to play defense. The Quaker guard got to the rim at times and hit some nice shots. There were times Hennings over dribbled into no man’s land but that’s something that can be fixed. Hennings is a solid point guard who will end up playing basketball somewhere next year. 

Patrick Ball (Franklin) – Ball is a nice sized wing standing at 6’5. Ball is at his best when coming off a screen and hitting jump shots. Ball is capable of putting the ball on the ground but isn’t consistent at times getting to the rim. What you notice about ball is his long wing span. When Ball is hitting from outside, he can easily drop 30 in a game quick and has done it before. In order for Ball to be successful at the next level, the young man will need to work on handling the ball and getting stronger.

Peter French (Lakeside) – French is a true 7 footer who can alter shots. With that said, French needs a lot of work in order to compete at the next level. French will need to work on his hands, foot work, and being more aggressive at all times. French looked at his best in the second day of the tournament. 7 footers are hard to come by so there will be a good chance French will wind up somewhere next year. 

*Tre’Shaun Fletcher (Lincoln) – The 6’7 Colorado commit had a good tournament and made it all the way to the championship game. The second day of the tournament, Fletcher was one of the best players on the court throughout the day. Fletcher showed his D1 skills by being patient and picking his shots wisely. Fletcher showed his athleticism by slashing to the rim and taking his opponents off the dribble. Fletcher has come a long ways and went from mediocre into a complete player who will contribute from day 1 at Colorado.

Marquis Armstead (Mountlake Terrace) – Armstead is a well-built 6’1 guard who displayed good ball handling and got to the rim off the dribble. Armstead hit some key shots for Mountlake Terrace in the tournament. Armstead didn’t do anything great but didn’t do anything bad on the court.

Will Dorsey (Rainier Beach) – Dorsey was MVP for Rainier Beach in the 3A state championship game. The 5’9 guard played big all tournament and was a huge reason why Beach won their last two games. Dorsey showed the will of champion and was a true floor general on the court. When Beach needed shots Dorsey made huge shots time after time. Dorsey broke down the defense with ease and finished at the rim effortlessly. Dorsey hit open shots and showed lock down defense. No question about it Dorsey will and should be playing college ball next year.

Marquis Davis (Rainier Beach) – Davis won MVP last year for Beach during the state tournament. This year Davis didn’t disappoint. Davis showed his passion for the game like he has been showing all year long. Davis uses his athleticism to break down his opponent and getting to the rim or by breaking down his opponent on the wing and hitting a three pointer. One thing you are going to get out of Davis is a player who plays both ends of the court. Davis is nice size guard who isn’t going to get bullied around.

*DJ Fenner (Seattle Prep) – The Nevada commit was a man amongst boys on the court. Fenner picks his spots on the court and knows exactly where they are. What you notice about Fenner is that he already has a college body. You can tell Fenner practices everything as you should when you practice on your own. His shot never loses form and he has the will to win, which is why Seattle Prep got as far as they did. Fenner will be a great addition to Nevada.

Elijah Sanders (Timberline) – Sanders is a 6’5 undersized forward who has shown some skills down in the paint. Sanders isn’t going to wow you with any athleticism but Sanders displayed nice hands in the paint. It takes a little bit of time for Sanders to gather himself in the paint but when he does he can finish. At the next level Sanders will need to work on defense and foot speed but Sanders does have tools to compete at some level next year.

*Brett Bailey (University) – Bailey showed what he is capable of doing on the second day of the tournament. Bailey was hitting his shots from everywhere on the court standing at 6’5. What was really impressive was that Bailey was hitting a lot of his shots off the dribble. Came away impressed with Baily that day and am interested to see how his college career next year at the University of San Diego goes.

Terry Dawn (Arlington) – Dawn is a 6’5 guard who can shoot. Dawn can put the ball on the ground but would be better coming off screens hitting open shots. In order for Dawn to progress at the next level, he will need to work on dribbling. No question about it, Dawn can shoot the ball but Dawn will also need to work on defense. 

*Perrion Callandret (Bothell) – Callandret didn’t have the best showcase but he did show signs of why he will be attending Idaho next year. Callandret has a basketball body and a long wingspan. Callandret showed that he can break down the defense and finish at the rim. No question about it that Callandret is a ball player. His wingspan is very disruptive on defense and he is capable of hitting mid-range and three point shots as well as taking it to the rack.

*Zach LaVine (Bothell) – Next year LaVine will be playing his college basketball at UCLA. Although LaVine didn’t shoot the ball very well over the weekend, he did show why he is one of the top players in the country. LaVine showed he could get to the rim at any time and get his shot off at any time. The shots just weren’t falling for LaVine during the tournament. LaVine hasn’t had the best of luck shooting in the Tacoma Dome. Basketball fans will be hearing about LaVine for years to come.

Dominic Robinson (Curtis) – 5’7 Robinson played big all weekend and won MVP for the Curtis in the state championship game. Robinson was stellar every game. Robinson ran the offense well and hit huge shot after shot. Don’t let Robison’s size fool you. Robinson showed a nice mid-range game and shot well from behind the arc. Robinson is someone you want on your team. There is no question size is an issue for Robinson but there is no reason why Robinson shouldn’t be playing basketball somewhere on a collegiate level.

Andre Lewis (Curtis) – Lewis didn’t do anything great or bad on the court. At 6’3 he showed signs of hitting open shots and getting to the rim. One of his best attributes is defense. Lewis is capable of putting the ball on the ground and getting to the rim.

Isom Brown (Curtis) – Brown is an active 6’6 forward who can extend his game out 15 feet. Brown rebounded well and showed nice footwork in the paint. The Curtis Viking came up huge as well in the championship game. Brown showed a nice face up game that consisted of taking his opponent off the dribble and finishing in the lane. If you have been watching Brown play since his freshman days when he was at Clover Park, you notice he has come a long way.

Tucker Haymond (Garfield) – Western Michigan is getting a straight winner in Haymond. The 6’5 wing has worked his tail off the last 4 years while at Garfield and has improved every year. Haymond is reliable with the ball in his hands on the wing and is a bruiser down in the paint. Haymond will give 100000% on the court and that’s what he did all weekend long. What really stands out is how much Haymond has worked on his handles and jump shot. Western Michigan is getting a great player and even a better person.

Trevaunte Williams (Garfield) – Williams might be a bit undersized forward at 6’5 but there is no question he has the footwork and post-up game like a player who is 6’10. Williams is very patient when it comes to offense. Williams can handle the rock on the wing but is at his best in the post. Garfield’s outcome might have been different if Williams didn’t foul out against Curtis on Friday night. There is a good possibility that Garfield would’ve been in the championship games if Williams was in the game. Haymond and Williams were that much of a difference for Garfield. Williams should be playing somewhere next year, no questions asked.


Eugene Artison (Franklin) – Came away really impressed with Artison. The 6’8 lefty wing was very active on the court. Artison can rebound, attack the rim, post-up, and block shots. Artison ran the court VERY well for a big man and would fit well in a fast paced offense. Wouldn’t be surprised to see Artison’s recruiting blow up some come AAU.  You can’t instill heart in players and Artison shows just that on the court.

Tramaine Isabell (Lakeside) – Isabell proved over the weekend that he is one of, if not the best point guard in the state of Washington. At 6’1, Isabell’s handles are out this world. The Lakeside guard had no problems getting to the rim any time he wanted. Isabell displays nice court vision and can lace a pass through tough defenses. If you want a guard who will give you his all on the court, Isabell is the guy. A true division 1 prospect, coaches don’t sleep on Isabell. One thing Isabell needs to work on is his body language.

D’Marques Tyson (Lakeside) – Tyson has nice size for being 6’5. The Lakeside wing can shoot the ball from three real well. Tyson can put the ball on the floor but will need to get stronger in order to do it on a consistent basis. With a hard summer of training it will be interesting to see Tyson come back even better. Tyson is a late bloomer who still has room to grow on the court.

*Ahmaad Rorie (Lincoln) – Rorie and Isabell are up there as the best of the best PG’s in the state.  Rorie is committed to the University of California. The 6’2 guard gets buckets when needed and can get them in many ways. Rorie has a nice jump shot from mid-range that extends beyond the three point line. Rorie can get to the rim and finish with his built frame. The only thing Rorie will need to work on his defense but that can be taught.

Ar’Mond Davis (Lincoln) – Davis didn’t have his best games over the weekend but did show on why he is a prospect. The 6’5 wing when on can shoot with the best of them. Davis will need to get into the weight room and get stronger in order to play at the next level. Improved ball handling is a must as well but Davis has all the tools to become a legit D1 prospect.

Greg Bowman (Mountlake Terrace) – Bowman impressed standing at 6’7. Bowman showed that he can pop out outside and hit the three pointer, face up his opponent, and displayed nice post-up moves. Bowman ran the court really well and finished in the lane. Bowman finished the season as the leading scorer for Mountlake Terrace.

Loren Lacasse (Mountlake Terrace) – What stood out about 6’6 forward Lacasse is the heart he showed throughout the weekend. Lacasse never took a play off and he is a bruiser down in the post. Lacasse can hold his own in the post and can board as well. A bit undersized at the power forward position, Lacasse heart makes up for it on both ends of the court. Lacasse ended up being the second leading scorer for Mountlake Terrace this year.

Naim Ladd (Rainier Beach) – Ladd might be the smallest guard for Beach but the kid can hoop. Ladd is 5’8 on a good day but his handles are better than most guards at any height. Ladd has a low dribble that is hard for opponents to steal. Ladd’s dribble allows him to get past his opponent and get to the rim with a nice little floater or layup. Ladd likes to play defense and is capable of getting some steals. Ladd is a guard who is fun to watch on the court and is another guard who plays bigger than his size.

Elijah Foster (Rainier Beach) Foster is a 6’7 forward who has broad shoulders and is filled in. Foster could be the best big man in the northwest if he chooses to be. When Foster’s head is in the game 100% he is almost impossible to stop. Foster’s at his best in the paint but can extend his game 15 feet from the rim. When his head is in the game Foster can board, block shots, and finish at the rim with contact. Foster is another legit D1 prospect.

Djuan Piper (Rainier Beach) – Piper is one of those 6’6 wings who can do a bit of everything on the court. Piper has a nice wing span, runs the court, plays defense, and finishes above the rim. Piper shouldn’t be overlooked on a loaded Rainier Beach team. Piper is another legit D1 prospect who should have a nice AAU season. Don’t be surprised to hear Piper’s name blow up this spring/summer.

*Shaqquan Aaron (Rainier Beach) – The 6’7 Louisville commit was playing throughout the tournament with an injury. Aaron showed signs why he is one of the top ranked juniors in the country. At 6’7 Aaron can put the ball on the ground, has nice court vision, can rebound, and when he wants to can play great defense. Aaron has a high ceiling and once he puts it all together, watch out. If you were expecting Aaron to put on a killer performance during the tournament, that didn’t happen but if you can recognize talent, you see the potential in Aaron.

Donaven Dorsey (Timberline) – Dorsey WAS the state’s best kept secret until the weekend. Everyone heard about Dorsey but no one has really seen the 6’6 guard play and he didn’t disappoint. In a losing effort the first day Dorsey dropped 28 points and was the best player on the court the very first day of the tournament. The second day Dorsey dropped 21 points in another losing effort. Dorsey made a name for himself and proved he is one of the nation’s top rising juniors.

Josh Martin (Bothell) – Martin is an athletic 6’8 forward who can run the court and has a motor that doesn’t stop. Very energetic on the court, Martin can rebound with the best of them, block shots, and finish at the rim. Martin is a little raw on the offensive side and will really need to work on some post-up moves this summer in order for him to make an easier transition to the next level.

Adam Chamberlain (Central Valley) – The 6’0 guard is fundamentally sound and doesn’t make that many errors on the court. Central Valley is well coached and Chamberlain is very coachable. Chamberlain can run a team, find the open man, and hit shots.

Beau Byus (Central Valley) – Byus stands around 6’6 but has nice size to him. Byus is very active on the court and runs the court well. Byus was the leading scorer for the Bears all season long. Byus was a nice post presence for Central Valley and blocked shots. Byus showed a lot of hustle out there on the court.

Torrence Baker (Garfield) – Baker is a well-built 6’3 wing. Next year Baker will be asked to do a bunch more since Williams and Haymond will be gone. Baker can score from the wing and in the paint. With AAU coming up and another summer of working out, Baker could and should have a monster year next year for Garfield.

Jason Todd (Jackson) –After the first two days of the tournament, Todd was top 5 in scoring, rebounds, and assists. Todd is a player who just gets it done and is a winner at the same time. Todd will give you his all on the court. Todd displayed better ball handling skills from what LCR saw in the summer and has put on muscle. Todd has a nice mid-range game and can shoot the three. Todd knows how to get to the rim, board, and get his teammates involved.

Brian Zehr (Jackson) – Jackson coaches make sure their players are in the weight room. Zehr is an undersized 6’4 forward who is built. Zehr knows how to use his body in the paint and seems like he likes playing the post more than the wing, which could be a problem at the next level. Once Zehr works on ball handling more, he could be a force inside and out.

Dan Kingma (Jackson) – The Kingma’s are known for shooters on the court and Dan is just that. Kingma can shoot lights out when he is on. The 5’10 guard is capable of putting a game away with his shot. Kingma can put the ball on the ground some to create his shot. Jackson will be tough to beat next year with their 3 star juniors coming back.

Nathan Streufert (Richland) – Streufert is kind of a tweener but the kid can play. He needs to gain some weight in order to bang down low in the post every game but the talent level is there. Streufert can put the ball on the ground for his size but does it well about 15 feet out. Streufert has a nice touch around the rim and a nice shooters touch. At times he showed how active he could be but when faced against competition that had some muscle it showed Streufert still has a ways to go.


Jordan Kitchen (Seattle Prep) – Kitchen is 6’5 and has a long wingspan and a basketball body. It looks like he is still growing. Kitchen right now is best on the wing and showed signs of putting the ball on the ground and getting to the rim. Kitchen will need to put on weight and hopefully his body will mature more at his young age but he is defiantly one to keep an eye out for.

Brandell Evans (Timberline) – Evans has come a long way from just the beginning of the season. Evans was able to break down his opponent and finish in the lane with either a layup or a floater. Evans showed signs of being a good defensive player as well.  Evans needs to work on handling the ball under pressure and few other things but at a young age the 2015 guard was the starting PG for Timberline all year long.

Dejounte Murry (Rainier Beach) – Beach is in good hands with Murry. The 6’3 guard played quite a bit of minutes over the weekend. Murry is another player with a basketball player’s body. Murry is a guard who can do a bit of everything on the court and the best has yet to be seen.


Keith Smith (Franklin) – Smith is a smooth 6’4 wing who is scratching the surface on how good he can become. Smith can put the ball on the ground and is very reliable with the ball in his hands. At 6’4 Smith can get his shot off and can shoot from anywhere on the court. Smith averaged 7 points this year for Franklin and started the majority of the year.

Isiah Brown (Lakeside) – Brown is one of the best up and coming freshman in the nation. Already holding a UW offer and many interest from Pac-12 Schools, Brown stepped up during the tournament and showed why he is going to be talked about from years to come. Brown plays well beyond his age and doesn’t have the body of a 9th grader. Brown has no problem getting to the rim, playing defense, or hitting an open shot. Brown is going to be a big time player in the state of Washington. Get used to hearing his name.

Sean Gummersall (Seattle Prep) – Gummersall is a 6’5 forward who is a bit undersized right now but the kid is only in 9th grade. Gummersall was the third leading scorer for Seattle Prep. The Seattle Prep big man plays in the paint and knows how to rebound and put the ball back in the rim. Gummersall will need to work on his foot speed this summer but he has all the tools to become a legit big man.

Jashaun Agosto (Garfield) – 5’8 Agosto is lighting quick for his size and is a true PG guard. Agosto name has been heard in the Seattle streets for quite some time and don’t expect for that to change anytime soon. The Garfield Bulldog can run the show and is fundamentally sound at the guard position. He wasn’t asked to score much this year but Agosto kept things in order on the court when he came off the bench. Agosto is pesky on defense and is a hard worker on the court.

Steven Beo (Richland) – Beo is a solid 6’2 point guard who was the second leading scorer on the Richland team. Beo is poised on the court had has nice size to him. Beo can shoot the rock, get his teammates involved and plays defense. Beo is guard who people east of the mountains will be hearing about for the next three years.


*= Committed








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