3A Washington State Tournament Preview and Players to Watch

The 3A state tournament kicks off Thursday around 3:45 p.m., at the Tacoma Dome. The 3A field is loaded with quality college prospects that range from D1-D3, Jucos, and Community Colleges. Left Coast Recruiting will be in attendance all day watching both 3A and 4A tournaments. Here is a rundown of Thursday’s matchups and players to watch for in the 3A field.

Timberline vs. Franklin (3:45 p.m.)

Timberline is treading new water led by 2014 Donaven Dorsey. Head Coach Jason Kerr has Franklin back in the state tournament for the first time since 2009. Head Coach Allen Thomas has his Timberline team believing in the system and playing their best basketball at the right time of the year.

Players to watch:

2013 Patrick Ball (Franklin) – Ball is a 6’5 guard who can shoot and get to the rim. Ball can drop 30 points in a game if he is on.  The Franklin guard is getting some D2 looks.

2013 Elijah Sanders (Timberline) – Sanders is a 6’7 PF who has nice footwork, hands, and a soft touch in the post. Sanders sat out last year with back problems. The big man has had some big games for Timberline this year. Sanders is receiving interest from some local CC’s and Jucos.

2013 Arell Hennings (Franklin) – Hennings is a tough noised guard who goes out and plays hard. A solid point guard at 5’10, Hennings is the floor general of the Franklin Quakers.

2013 Tim McMillon (Franklin) – McMillon has had some big games for the Quakers when guys like Hennings and Ball had off nights. McMillon can fill it up from behind the arc.

2014 Donaven Dorsey (Timberline) – One of the best players in the state of Washington, Dorsey can do it all at 6’6. Dorsey can score, rebound, and get his players involved. During Dorsey’s junior season: Washington, Washington State, Gonzaga, Oregon State, and Portland have all offered Dorsey.

2016 Keith Smith (Franklin) – Smith is a talented freshman and is one of the best freshmen in the state of Washington. At 6’3 Smith has had some double digit games for his young age. Smith is averaging around 6 pts but has shown signs of good things to come.

 Rainier Beach vs. Seattle prep (5:30 p.m.)

This game will be a rematch of an earlier matchup that happened earlier in the year. Seattle Prep came out victorious due to a huge 4th quarter from 2013 Nevada commit DJ Fenner. Fenner came up huge along with 2014 Laurence Hicks for Prep. Rainier Beach has steam rolled through the competition since then minus one bump in the road, which was Lakeside who beat Beach in the District title game.

Players to watch:

2013 DJ Fenner (Seattle Prep) – The Nevada commit hasn’t disappointed this year. Fenner is on a tear and can hit between 30-40 points on any given night. Fenner has had a scorer’s mentality all year and hasn’t slowed down.

2013 Will Dorsey (Rainier Beach) – At 5’10, Dorsey is a pass first point guard who loves to get his team involved. Dorsey can hit the open shot and break down his opponent to get to the rim. Dorsey also displays toughness on the defensive end.

2013 Marquis Davis (Rainier Beach) – Davis was MVP of last year’s championship game and this year Davis is one of Rainier Beach’s leaders on the court. Very emotional on the court, Davis shows a lot of heart and will. Davis can light it up from beyond the arc, displays a nice mid-range game and get take it to the rack. Defense is another thing that stands out from Davis.

2014 Laurence Hicks (Seattle Prep) – Hicks has chipped in a lot during the season for Prep. Hicks has shown he can hit shots at 6’2 and has the ability to get to the rim.

2014 Djuan Piper (Rainier Beach) – Piper is an active player who has a bunch of intangibles that he brings to the court. Piper is 6’5 who can rebound, block shots, and has a long wingspan to get interrupt the passing lanes. Piper has been consistent all year for the Vikings.

2014 Elijah Foster (Rainier Beach) – 6’6 Foster is a big bodied forward who knows how to play in the paint.  Foster has soft hands and uses his body to position himself for rebounds. Foster displays a nice face up and post up game.

2014 Naim Ladd (Rainier Beach) – Ladd is a small 5’8 point guard who plays bigger than his height. Ladd gives Beach nice balance at the guard position. Ladd finds ways to break his opponent down with his low dribble to the ground and can dish out assists to his teammates.

2014 Shaqquan Aaron (Rainier Beach) – 6’6 Aaron has lived up to the hype all year for Rainier Beach. The Louisville commit has been compared to former Beach legend Jamal Crawford. Aaron does it all on the offensive side of the ball. You don’t want to take your eye off the court just in case Aaron does a jaw dropping play.

2015 De’Jounte Murray (Rainier Beach) – Beach is in good hands down the road with 6’2 Murray. Murray has a bunch of talent for his age. The young man can hit the open shot and put the ball on the ground. Rainier Beach has a loaded roster and at times Murray doesn’t get as much burn but when he does, you can see the potential in him.

2015 Jordan Kitchen (Seattle Prep) – 6’5 Kitchen has a nice upside and it seems like he is growing even more. Kitchen is a wing/forward player who will be interesting to see how he progresses in the next couple of years.

2016 Sean Gummersall (Seattle Prep) – Gummersall is a skilled 6’6 freshman who has been playing his best basketball the second half of the season. Gummersall is a true big man who likes to bang in the post and can finish around the rim. Gummersall will have a bright future for years to come.

 Lincoln vs. Mountlake Terrace (7:15 p.m.)

Lincoln has been very impressive this year but proved they can be beaten. Mountlake Terrace has nice size to their team. Lincoln has a duo of Pac-12 commits in 2013 Colorado commit Tre’Shaun Fletcher and 2014 California commit Ahmaad Rorie. Mountlake Terrace is a well-balanced program who lost to Lincoln earlier in the year by 1 point after blowing a 12 point lead.

Players to watch:

2013 Tre’Shaun Fletcher (Lincoln) – 6’7 Colorado commit has stepped up his game throughout the year. Fletcher is patient on the offensive side and can pick apart the defense when he wants to. Fletcher has an all around game that is rare for his size. Colorado is getting a steal in Fletcher.

2013 Marquis Armstead (Mountlake Terrace) – 6’1 guard is one of 4 players on a balanced scoring Mountlake Terrace squad. Armstead can take over a game with his bulldog approach taking it to the rim.

2013 Blake Fernandez (Mountlake Terrace) – Fernandez likes to put the ball on the ground and take it to the rack. Fernandez can hit the occasional jumper at times as well.

2014 Ahmaad Rorie (Lincoln) – One of the best players in the state, Rorie has a motor that doesn’t stop. A silent assassin on the court, Rorie is a coachable player who can put up points in a hurry and from anywhere on the court. California is getting one heck of a player in Rorie.

2014 Loren Lacasse (Mountlake Terrace) – 6’6 Lacasse can play the wing and forward position. Lacasse can put the ball and the ground and hit open shots.

2014 Armond Davis (Lincoln) – Davis is the third leading scorer for Lincoln. The 6’6 guard can get hot from behind the arc at any given moment. Davis has a long wingspan that interrupts the passing lanes. Davis also can put the ball on the ground and take it to the rim.

2014 Greg Bowman (Mountlake Terrace) – Bowman is physical in the paint, displays a decent post up game and can hit an open three at times.

 University vs. Lakeside (9:00 p.m.)

Lakeside is playing its best basketball right now. 2014 Tramaine Isabell has been fantastic down the stretch of the season. University is led by 2013 San Diego commit Brett Bailey who can put up points in a hurry. If Lakeside can contain Bailey they should be able to advance to Friday. University will need contributions from their role players.

Players to watch:

2013 Brett Bailey (University) – 6’5 San Diego commit can put up points in a hurry and finish in the lane. Bailey is a name you don’t hear about much but the kid can hoop.

2014 Tramaine Isabell (Lakeside) – Isabell has been playing with a chip on his shoulder all year. Isabell is the heart of the team and will be the key player for the Lakeside Lions. Isabell can get to the rim, get his teammates involved, and has a knack of getting into the passing lanes. Isabell is getting interest from Boise State, Seattle U, Idaho, Providence, and many other schools.

2014 D’Marques Tyson (Lakeside) – Tyson is a 6’6 wing who can hit shots from behind and arc. Tyson has the ability to put the ball on the ground and get to the rim as well. Tyson is a late bloomer and hasn’t reached his potential yet.

2016 Isiah Brown (Lakeside) – Brown is a well-built 6’1 guard who isn’t asked to do much yet but has stepped up this year with some double digit scoring games. Brown is one of the best rising freshmen in the state and holds an offer from the University of Washington already.



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