Class of 2015 and 2016 Players to Watch out for in the Evergreen State

Today wraps up our three day special on boy’s high school basketball players to watch in the Evergreen state.  LCR didn’t focus too much on the 2015 and 2016 class over the spring/summer but did get a chance to watch some of the players that have a made names for themselves.

Here is a rundown of players in the class of 2015 and 2016 to watch out for.



Andro Benard (Mt. Rainier High School) –Benard is a 6’1 passing first point guard.  Benard’s court vision is out this world.  If Benard wanted to take a game over he could as well.  Benard can get to the rim with his crafty dribbling. 

Interest: Seattle U

Malik Montoya (Federal Way High School) - Montoya also displays great court vision.  Montoya can score in many ways as well.  Although Montoya is a on the smaller side, he is a fun one to watch. 

Troy Conley ­ (Federal Way High School)Conley is 6’9 and is someone you will hear about a lot in the near future.  At 6’9 Conley fits well in an up-tempo style and is very versatile. He can finish at the rim and displays a nice post-up game at a young age and.

Interest: Washington, Oregon State (Offer)


Isiah Brown (Lakeside High School) – Brown is a 6’0 guard who is well built for his age.  Brown can break down his opponent, find the open man, and hit the open jump shot.  Expect to hear big things from him in the near future. Brown is a poised guard and has a solid basketball IQ for his age. Brown could possibly be a 5 star prospect when it’s all said and done.

Offer: Washington

Kaleb Poquette – (Morton High School) at 6’2 Poquette can play the 1-3 spot.  Poquette is a player who can fill the stat sheet.  When playing aggressive Poquette is dangerous in the open court.  He can find the open man, get to the rim, and rebound. 

Jashaun Agosto (Garfield High School) – Agosto made a name for himself in the state and nationally years back.  His hard working drills were showcased on television.  Now Agosto is in high school.  At 5’8 Agosto is a bit undersized but can run the point guard position well.  There is a possibility that Agosto won’t get much taller. It will be interesting to see how Agosto progresses throughout the years.

Alphonso Anderson (Wilson High School) – Anderson has a huge upside at 6’5 and is very versatile.  He can handle the ball in the open court, good post-game, very good passer for a big and a decent outside game.  Anderson can play the 3-5 spot.

Montre Brown (Wilson High School) – Brown is an athlete who likes to defend.  He isn’t necessarily good at one thing, but can fill up the stats.  Brown can slash and score but will need to work on his shooting. 

David Jenkins Jr (Wilson High School) – Jenkins is a combo guard who has the ability to take over a game when focused.  A gym rat who has worked on his outside game, Jenkins also can defend well when he chooses to.


The 2016 class has a chance to be something special so here are some additional players to watch out for.  This class could possibly have most D1 prospects in the state since 1990-1991.  

Aushanti Potts (Curtis Jr High)

Glenn Jordan (Clover Park High School)

Weston VanDenhazel (Olympia High School)

Eric Wattree (Peninsula High School)

D’Jimon Jones (Federal Way High School)

Trevion Brown (Lincoln High School)

Malachi Flynn (Bellarmine High School)

Jacquori McLaughlin (Peninsula High School)

Jimmy Ritchie (Peninsula High School)

Jaquan Jones (Mount Tahoma High School)

Barden Hamnold (Rogers High School)

Jaden Vollmen (Puyallup High School)

Jordan Horst (Clover Park High School)

Dionte Simon (Lincoln High School)







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  • Doug C

    Steven Beo (Richland) is better than everyone but maybe Brown. I’d take Michael Henn at Bellevue over Anderson (but Anderson is a great player). Cayden Cazier at Chiawana over most of the list and Cameron Tucker of Central Valley is 6’3″ with crazy hops and athleticism. All those guys are tabbed as varsity players as freshmen. Cool to give it a good try, but this is basically a best in Tacoma + a few others. If you are really trying to find the best talent to tout, watch Hoopstars, Pioneers, FOH, Rotary, Swish, and Subway Select–definitely the top tier of AAU teams in the state.

    • BlacktopHustler

      Doug, you are right that the list seems a little heavy on Tacoma area kids, several of whom play for seattle AAU teams. And I dont mean any disrespect but most of the kids on this list have been smashing the kids on the eastside of the mountains since the 4th grade in AAU ball.

      Which program did Beo play for? I truthfully have not heard of him and that is a pretty big statement to make. At any rate you lose a TON of credibility if you would even think about taking Michael Henn over Alphonso Anderson so I will definitely take your opinion lightly on that particular matter.

      However I would agree that there are many other great players from Rotary, FOH, etc. as well as kids from the eastside. Pioneers have never beaten any of the top teams in that class, and not sure that Subway Select has either. I know that my kids teams have always handled them both fairly easily.

      My only real gripe is that Keith Smith was not included on the list, he is a Freshman at Franklin and is one of the top 2-3 players in the class of 2016. Also, Ivey Smith from Wilson high should have been included in the class of 2015.

      You make a good point in bringing out names of kids from the eastside, as there are always solid players who come out of that side of the state. And the teams always play great fundamental basketball which has resulted in state chips for many eastside teams. I enjoyed seeing CV and Davis at the Dome this past season, they played great team ball.

      You just dont see many of them become really successful at the next few levels after high school at the same rate as the kids out this way.

      I know Brown, Anderson, Agosto, Jenkins, and McLaughlin will all be Varsity players on day 1 of the upcoming season, with most of them except maybe Agosto being starters. I know for a fact that those kids are garnering interest from several D1 schools already as well. In a few short months a lot of these questions will take care of themselves.

      • Doug C

        Could be a matchup thing with Henn/Anderson. I’ve coached against them both and because we have essentially a five-guard team, Henn has killed us. Whereas, we (Subway Select) beat Anderson when he was playing for Intensity. But that was 7th grade. I haven’t seen him with Rotary. And I believe he is a GREAT player with possibly the most D-1 upside of any player in the state. But Henn has given us more fits. And FOH did take Rotary to Double OT last summer (from what I hear). So things are tightening up.
        Not sure who your kids play for — must be Hoopstars — but Subway has beaten about every team on the west side. We’ve never played Rotary and would expect them to handle us pretty easily as Hoopstars has done. But we are gaining ground. :) If we had a big guy, we’d be right there.
        Steven Beo is our best player. 6’2″ shooting guard/small forward with range to about 24 feet. He scored 31 in a scrimmage against Hoopstars summer of 2011. Agosto — who is a great defender — could not stop him. He had 32 in a blowout of Boise Hoop Dreams Black in Best of the West quarter finals, scored 34 against San Diego All-Stars in an OT win in April (head to head with a kid named Justin Moore who is Top 50 on many lists), and had 32 in the first game of this year’s Fab 48. He had a couple of 20+ point games in Spokane this summer playing for Richland’s varsity squad.
        There are a lot of players I don’t know by name (such as Keith Smith) who are probably great. And you are right that everything will work itself out — but this list LC Recruiting has put together is basically the rosters of the old Panthers and Intensity. Where is the big guy from Hoopstars? Some of the top players from RSB/A-Plus? The point guard from FOH (who is a super penetrator and defender? The lefty shooter from Pioneers? Swish has a baby-faced kid who is about 6’3 and a total stud. Meanwhile, there are some players on this list who are simply not future college players. If LC Recruiting is going to publish lists with the SI brand name backing it up, there’s a responsibility to be thorough.

        Steven Beo is as good as I am saying and falls right in with the short list of great players you name above. If I was starting a team in the state, I’d take Brown and then I’d take Steven. And Subway has three other guards who can compete with any of the guards in the state. We just don’t have size. :) And my main goal as a coach right now is making sure he gets the exposure he deserves. It’s hard work…Seattle area has a distinct advantage (as it should).

        Thanks for responding — sounds like you know your stuff. And I have no argument against the idea that Rotary and Hoopstars are a cut above. Subway doesn’t compete with those two. But we did team goals last week, and taking down Hoopstars, Rotary, FOH (who has beat us twice recently in tourney finals) or Swish is one of our objectives for 2013. We are coming hard. :)
        Enjoy the season high school season.

        • BlacktopHustler

          Hi Doug,
          Great stuff! Good info on the kids you listed. I cant quite put faces with the names of the kids from Subway but I can say that I have always respected the way you guys play. And by the time your kids get through with high school they will have beaten some of those teams eventually because of the way you guys approach the game.
          The 6’3″ babyfaced kid from Hoopstars you mentioned would most likely be Justice Rodgers, and he should definitely be listed in any 2016 discussion. Didnt mention Tre Turner because he has reclassified to 2017, not sure why though. The big kid is Jared Goldwire, he was listed at 6’7″ for his high school football season but not sure if he is actually that tall now or not, lol.
          Talking about shooters I really like Shareef from FOH as well, when the kid gets hot he can be one of the best around.
          There are always going to be other kids as well who develop late or grow at a different pace that end up passing kids who were hyped up at younger ages.
          I apologize for the credibility statement, a knee jerk reaction on my part. I just feel that Anderson is by far the better individual player with the most potential to play at the next level, but it’s obviously just my humble opinion.
          It will be fun to keep track of all these kids this season, let’s check back in at some point once the season gets under way so we can update each other on any of these kids progress as high school players.

          • Jason McCleary

            Thank you guys for the heads up. Its impossible to see everyone and I am thankful for the community of networking. I will check these guys out as well. Any feedback is appreciated. Keep the suggestions coming. Overall I hope u are happywith the overall content that LCR offers.

          • BlacktopHustler

            Hey jason,
            It’s definitely tough getting complete lists going with these classes as they havent really established themselves as high school players for the most part. I do think that it’s great that you are getting a start and recognizing some of the young talent that is coming up.
            Thanks for taking the time to do it, I look forward to the updated info on all of the great talent in the pacific northwest and your continued support of local High School basketball players

          • Doug C

            Jason — thanks for the response. I was a little harsh. I know it’s a big job. But — unfortunately in a way — it seems like getting your name out there early is almost a necessity these days. Becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy with coaches and even in the minds of players. Beo is the biggest prospect we’ve had in the Tri-Cities in a long time and Subway Select is the first team we’ve had — ever maybe — that can go west and compete, and is traveling to Vegas, etc. So it’s a new thing for us…but I don’t want to see my guys miss out because I fail to get people in front of them. Helping them believe they belong is more than half the battle. I talked to Jim Shaw about Steven and he advised me to send emails to coaches and video clips (he was super nice) — but fact is, exposure matters so much, and it’s a battle to get it. Overall, love your content. Great Q&A with Isiah Brown. Kudos to him for choosing Lakeside.

            And “Blacktop” Sharif is absolutely tough. He worked us in Best of the West. Then my son and him went at it in the finals of the NW Premier Showcase and it was fun to watch. He’s also one of the top couple squash players in the country! Lots of respect for the Class of 2016 at Bellevue HS (the rich get richer). Trey Turner pulled out of school for the year (I’m friends with the coach at Issaquah…heard the news from him) — that’s why he’s now 2017. Thanks for the compliment about how we play with Subway…we’ve come along way. Playing against Hoopstars and the like can be a shell-shock at first. For what it’s worth, we lost to Boise Hoop Dreams by 31 first time we played them, then 14, then 1, and then last time we beat them by 15. Each time, we got a little more confident — that’s what it takes.

            The truest statement is 2016 is a GREAT class with lots of battles forthcoming! I’ve enjoyed the conversation.

      • Doug C

        Just located a picture of Keith Smith. You are right. He’s a great player and should absolutely be near the top of this list! Watched him at GymRats last February. Steven’s game is actually a lot like Keith. From what I saw, Smith is more athletic and handles the ball a bit better / definitely slashes and gets to the rim stronger. Steven is a better outside shooter (the best in the NW next to Quin Barnard from Bellevue). Smith/Beo will be a good match-up when they go head-to-head at some point. And both are case-in-point on importance of exposure. Why are Smith, Anderson, Beo not on these national lists? I’d personally take each of them over Jashaun in terms of D-1 potential. Because sites like LC Recruiting actually need to get out and watch if they are going to claim to be in the know. Here are some to watch from east of the mountains:


        Steven Beo (Richland)

        Cayden Cazier (Chiawana)

        Tre Joseph (Kamiakin)

        LA Adams (Gonzaga Prep)

        Cameron Tucker (Central Valley)

        Eric Briscoe (Davis)

        Jason Crandall (Richland)

        Tanner Sloan (Central Valley)

        Coleman Sparling (Ellensburg)

        Ricardo Gonzalez (Moses Lake)

        Nick Navarro (Davis)