Class of 2015 and 2016 Players to Watch out for in the Evergreen State

Today wraps up our three day special on boy’s high school basketball players to watch in the Evergreen state.  LCR didn’t focus too much on the 2015 and 2016 class over the spring/summer but did get a chance to watch some of the players that have a made names for themselves.

Here is a rundown of players in the class of 2015 and 2016 to watch out for.



Andro Benard (Mt. Rainier High School) –Benard is a 6’1 passing first point guard.  Benard’s court vision is out this world.  If Benard wanted to take a game over he could as well.  Benard can get to the rim with his crafty dribbling. 

Interest: Seattle U

Malik Montoya (Federal Way High School) - Montoya also displays great court vision.  Montoya can score in many ways as well.  Although Montoya is a on the smaller side, he is a fun one to watch. 

Troy Conley ­ (Federal Way High School)Conley is 6’9 and is someone you will hear about a lot in the near future.  At 6’9 Conley fits well in an up-tempo style and is very versatile. He can finish at the rim and displays a nice post-up game at a young age and.

Interest: Washington, Oregon State (Offer)


Isiah Brown (Lakeside High School) – Brown is a 6’0 guard who is well built for his age.  Brown can break down his opponent, find the open man, and hit the open jump shot.  Expect to hear big things from him in the near future. Brown is a poised guard and has a solid basketball IQ for his age. Brown could possibly be a 5 star prospect when it’s all said and done.

Offer: Washington

Kaleb Poquette – (Morton High School) at 6’2 Poquette can play the 1-3 spot.  Poquette is a player who can fill the stat sheet.  When playing aggressive Poquette is dangerous in the open court.  He can find the open man, get to the rim, and rebound. 

Jashaun Agosto (Garfield High School) – Agosto made a name for himself in the state and nationally years back.  His hard working drills were showcased on television.  Now Agosto is in high school.  At 5’8 Agosto is a bit undersized but can run the point guard position well.  There is a possibility that Agosto won’t get much taller. It will be interesting to see how Agosto progresses throughout the years.

Alphonso Anderson (Wilson High School) – Anderson has a huge upside at 6’5 and is very versatile.  He can handle the ball in the open court, good post-game, very good passer for a big and a decent outside game.  Anderson can play the 3-5 spot.

Montre Brown (Wilson High School) – Brown is an athlete who likes to defend.  He isn’t necessarily good at one thing, but can fill up the stats.  Brown can slash and score but will need to work on his shooting. 

David Jenkins Jr (Wilson High School) – Jenkins is a combo guard who has the ability to take over a game when focused.  A gym rat who has worked on his outside game, Jenkins also can defend well when he chooses to.


The 2016 class has a chance to be something special so here are some additional players to watch out for.  This class could possibly have most D1 prospects in the state since 1990-1991.  

Aushanti Potts (Curtis Jr High)

Glenn Jordan (Clover Park High School)

Weston VanDenhazel (Olympia High School)

Eric Wattree (Peninsula High School)

D’Jimon Jones (Federal Way High School)

Trevion Brown (Lincoln High School)

Malachi Flynn (Bellarmine High School)

Jacquori McLaughlin (Peninsula High School)

Jimmy Ritchie (Peninsula High School)

Jaquan Jones (Mount Tahoma High School)

Barden Hamnold (Rogers High School)

Jaden Vollmen (Puyallup High School)

Jordan Horst (Clover Park High School)

Dionte Simon (Lincoln High School)







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