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Players That Stood Out in Las Vegas Over the Weekend

The July period officially ended Sunday afternoon.  College coaches had to exit gyms across the nation due to NCAA rules.  Many coaches were in Las Vegas checking out talent from all over.  Left Coast Recruiting was also in Vegas in attendance at the Adidas Super 64 and Las Vegas Classic.  It was only right to focus on the cream of the crop on the Left Coast.

Here are the players that stood out on the Left Coast and some from all over.


Marquis Davis (Seattle Rotary) – Davis has been working on his game and put it on display. The 5’9 guard showed great defense and a deadly shot from beyond the arc.  He played tough throughout the tournament and showed he doesn’t back down from anyone on the court.  Davis is a superstar football recruit but could play basketball at the next level as well. Earlier in the year Davis scored 30 points in his high school championship game for Rainier Beach high school and received MVP of the game.

Daeshon Hall (Seattle Rotary) – Hall is a UW commit for football but don’t be surprised to see Hall on the hardwood.  The active 6’6 forward runs the court well and has progressed on the offensive side.  Hall at times can be a game changer in the post by blocking shots.  Rumor is the football superstar will attend his former high school Garfield high school this upcoming year.

Tucker Haymond (Seattle Rotary) – Haymond played great defense against the Oakland Soldiers in a losing effort.  The 6’6 wing displayed nice ball handling and non-stop effort on the court.  One thing for sure is that Haymond leaves it all on the court.

Torren Jones (California Supreme) – The lights were on and Jones came to play over the weekend.  The 6’8 forward looked like an elite prospect.  Jones ran the court very well and finished at the rim.  He was very vocal on the court and blocked many shots.  Some people in attendance were saying that is the best they have seen Jones play in over a year.

Aaron Gordon (Oakland Soldiers) – Gordon told LCR last year that he wanted to play the wing and was going to focus on ball handling and he did.  No one in the class of 2013 can attack the rim like Gordon.  His athleticism is on a whole different level. Gordon looked comfortable on the wing getting by his opponents.  Be on the lookout for many highlights on how Gordon was looking from our boys over at YAY Areas Finest.

Jabari Bird (Oakland Soldiers) – Bird’s game has developed into an elite player.  The shooting guards mid-range game is phenomenal as well as his ability to finish at the rim.  Bird has a go to fade away jump shot that is deadly.  Not too many players in the nation have the killer instinct that Bird has.  When the pressure is on, Bird isn’t afraid to step up his game.

Tre’Shaun Lexing (Northwest Panthers) ­­– Lexing has came along ways and has caught many eyes as of lately.  The 6’6 wing has a solid jump shot and knows how to get to the rim.  Lexing rebounds the ball well and displayed great passing in front of many college coaches.  Lexing’s recruiting is just heating up.

Dezmyn Trent (Northwest Panthers) ­– Trent was very productive throughout the weekend.  He didn’t back down on the big stage and I’m sure college coaches noticed.  Trent isn’t a high skilled D1 athlete but would help out a mid-level D1 team.  The well built guard rebounded and shot the ball well.

Jordan Mathews (California Supreme) – Mathews is a shoot first point guard.  The tough 6’3 guard can get to the rim and shoot the ball.  Although Mathews is a scoring guard, he does get his players involved on the court.  Mathews looked great at times over the weekend.

Marcus Lee (California Supreme) – Lee is a game changer on both sides of the court.  The 6’8 forward has stepped his game up to be big time.  Lee plays above the rim and is crafty around the rim.  Lee can rack up a double double easy.  Lee displayed tremendous shot blocking, scoring, and ran the court well.

Kyle Davis (Mac Irvin) – Davis has transitioned his game from a scoring first point guard to point guard who can run a team.  What makes Davis deadly now , is that the 6’1 guard can set the tone for his team.  If he needs to score he can in a hurry and in multiple ways.  If he needs to get his players involved then he can do that as well.  Many college coaches were in attendance for the Mac Irvin games and Davis stood out.




Dante Exum (Australian Institute of Sport) – Exum is a 6’5 guard who can go.  Don’t be surprised to see Exum shoot up in the rankings by the end of next year to a five star recruit.  Exum’s team played an international style of basketball so he didn’t score much when LCR saw him.  North Carolina was in attendance to see Exum and will have plenty more opportunities in the future.  Exum will be attending school in the states for his senior year.  Exum can get to the rim with ease and has great body control.

Kameron Chatman (Team ICP) - Chatman is a 6’6 wing who ran the point guard position most of the tournament.  Chatman displayed a nice mid-range game and got his teammates involved.  There were a couple college coaches in the crowd saying Chatman was an elite guard.

Donaven Dorsey (Team ICP) – The 6’6 guard can fill up the stat sheet with points, assist, and rebounds.  Dorsey played very well in his third game of the tournament.  When Dorsey is aggressive he can hang with the best of the best on the court.  He will need to get stronger and more consistent to be a high level recruit.

Jahil Okafor (Mac Irvin) – Possibly the best big man in the country, Okafor dominated in the paint the whole weekend.  There wasn’t anyone who could stop the big man.  Okafor finished around the rim with many people fouling him at once.  The big man displays soft touch around the rim and can bring the ball up the court if needed be.  Okafor can extend the defense to top of the key to make his intangibles even better.

Justin Jackson (Houston Hoops) ­­– Jackson led his team to the championship title in the Las Vegas Classic.  The 6’7 guard stepped on the scene last year and has been running with it ever since.  Jackson is very smart with the ball in his hands.  Jackson showed that he can get to the rim and his shot off anytime he wants.  Jackson is a high level elite guard who will make an impact on the next level.

Ahmaad Rorie (Northwest Panthers) – The University of California commit had a solid weekend in Vegas.  Rorie was tough on the court and scored in various ways.  It was Rorie’s first time playing against elite competition and didn’t back down.  He got to the rim and showed nice range on his jump shot.

David Crisp (Northwest Panthers) – Crisp didn’t have the best weekend but showed flashes of what he is capable of.  The 6’0 guard is tough when his mind is in the game. Crisp has a solid jump shot that stretches to the three point line.



Stanley Johnson (Oakland Soldiers) – Johnson is another athlete on a whole different level than most players in the country regardless of class.  The 6’6 guard is well ahead of his class.  Johnson is well built and there isn’t much he can’t do on the court.  If Johnson needs to get to the rim, it isn’t hard for him.  When Johnson’s game is on, he is deadly from behind the arc.



Marcus LoVett Jr (Mac Irvin) – The speedy 5’11 point guard is quick as lightening and can play with the big boys.  LoVett’s game is far ahead for his age.  The young man can break his opponent down with no problem and finish at the lane.  He also can shoot the ball well.  LoVett is a big time prospect.



Isiah Brown (Hoopaholics) ­– Brown is a 5’10 guard who resembles former UW Husky Isaiah Thomas.  Brown is a point guard who can score and get his team involved.  Brown started a couple games for his team over the weekend.  Brown will be one to watch out for in the future.  The kid has a bright future.





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