#1 in Washington: Anrio Adams

2012, Anrio Adams has overcame many obstacles over the last year.  During Adams junior year, he left Franklin High School for undisclosed reasons and transferred to Garfield.  Adams took classes at Garfield but didn’t play basketball.

After Adams junior year he played AAU in Seattle for a while then went out east to attend St. Patricks in New Jersey.  While taking classes in the summer and playing AAU with a team made up of most of St. Pat’s school, Adams fit in right away.

After spending most of the summer out east, it just didn’t feel right for Adams.  The young man came back to Seattle for good to handle some unfinished business.  Adams enrolled at Rainier Beach and his goal was to prove everybody wrong and win a state title.

High School basketball is over and Adams did what he said he was going to do.  The Rainier Beach Viking won a state title and committed to Kansas as well.  The sky is the limit for Adams.

At 6’4 Adams can do about everything on the court.  The first thing you notice about Adams is how broad his shoulders are.  His built is similar to Dwayne Wade’s.

What Kansas is getting next year is a player who loves to win.  The tangibles Adams has are incredible.  He can get to the rim and finish with contact, plays defense, passes well, and can rebound.  Adams is stat filler.

Maturity is something that has been a knock on the young man but he has had a great year in classroom and on the court.  It will be interesting to see how much better Adams will get while learning from future Hall of Fame coach Bill Self at Kansas.

Not too many people get a second chance like Adams.  The Seattle native didn’t give up and overcame the negativity around him.

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