Damion Rashford

Damion Rashford: The Potential High Major No One Knows About

Damion Rashford is an ‘unknown’ to most D1 programs in the country. He doesn’t have any clips on youtube, no “ballislife” or “YAYareasFinest” mixtapes, and none of the big-time players in the scouting business have seen him. He has flown completely under the radar and yet is quietly putting together an impressive season.

He is averaging almost 19 points, 2 assists, 7 rebounds, and 2 steals a game. And lately he has only been improving those stats.In a game against a nationally recognized and respected Saguaro High School, Rashford had 33 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assists, 3 steals, and 1 block. This is just a taste of what Rashford is capable of and as the season has gone on, his stats have gone up.

Rashford is 6’5, 200 pounds and his athletic ability is off the charts. He has the ability to penetrate defenses and dunk or lay it in off the transition. He told Left Coast Recruiting that as the season has gone on he is starting to get used to the defenses that other teams are throwing at him, and he knows how to get through it.

The real problem is that he has had such little exposure this season. He said, he hasn’t seen coaches out at his games and the only hype he has had was before the season started. The carry over interest from AAU ball from Detroit, Loyola Maryland, North Eastern, Eastern Carolina, Winthrop, Mercer, and Oregon State. However, not many schools have seen his game progress so far this year. He holds one offer from Loyola-Maryland.

Arizonapreps.rivals.com saw him recently at the McClintock Holiday Shootout and said this about him:

Top performers on the day were led by the play of Westwind Prep Academy 6-foot-5 senior forward Damion Rashford. Rashford, a native of Canada, is a nice-looking wing prospect with a high motor, superb athleticism and physical strength, and a variety of offensive skillsets. This young man is every bit of a mid-major plus division-I talent. Since very few college basketball programs know about this young man currently, his college recruitment has yet to take off. Depending on his academic situation, Rashford could be a steal for most mid-major division-I programs late.

This is the first major exposure he has received outside of Left Coast Recruiting. This may lead to some coaches buying a ticket and seeing this recruit play.

The big question is does Rashford come out 2012 or stay for a Post-Grad year at Westwind for 2013. Rashford told Left Coast Recruiting, “I will probably be 2013 unless the right opportunity comes up for 2012.”

All of the above schools that still have contact with him are recruiting him for 2013.

Westwind Coach Adam Desatuels wants him to go in 2012, “He is ready.” Coach Desatuels said, “Do you know that because of Damion [Rashford] and Peewee [Gardner] nobody played Westwind man to man in the final 9 games? These are the best teams in the state. When have you ever heard of that? The first team [Saguaro] that played us man has two D1 guys and Damion had 33 points. When teams won’t play you man to man because of YOU, You’re ready.”

If a team sweeps in and offers him in 2012, that would instantly be the team to beat. The reality is, you don’t need to take Left Coast Recruiting’s word for it, or Arizona Preps’ word for it, or even Coach Desatuels’ word, go and see for yourself. Rashford is the biggest sleeper in 2012.

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