Mike Miller Classic: Findlay Prep

Findlay Prep took part in the Mike Miller Classic in South Dakota on Dec. 29-30. They played in two games against La Lumiere (L 67-66) and against Sioux Falls Roosevelt (W 89-53). It was a good opportunity for Left Coast Recruiting to sit down and gather some more information on these Findlay Prep players. 

Here is our scouting report from these 2 games:

Nigel Williams-Goss- did a lot on the floor. Has a high-motor and was clearly one of the main leaders for Findlay. He seemed to control the pace of the offense and set the tone of the defense. He is very productive on the floor.

Amedeo Della Valle- is not the type to be very flashy but is a special player. He is one of Findlay’s best defenders, can make outside shots, inside shots, tough passes, and can run an offense effectively. This recruit is very good.

Matt Willms- this was my first exposure to Willms and I walked away impressed with his ability to be athletic around the hoop at 6’11. He has a knack to bring down the rebound and put back in the shots his teammates miss. He is a solid D1 center.

Dominic Artis- He may be the smallest player on his team but he goes after the rim hard. He had a few really impressive steals that he took the distance for the lay-in. He also was draining three point shots and has a really quick first step. The Oregon Ducks walked away with a steal in Artis.

Benas Griciunas- Did not play a whole lot of minutes but was able to contribute in a few instances. He looks to have solid potential. He could easily be similar to Matt Willms next year.

Christian Wood- Did not play enough for me to get a good feel on his game.

Winston Shepard- Easily, the most athletic player on the court in both games. At any moment he can explode to the rim. He is fast and effective in transition. One of my only knocks I have for his game is that when he is focused on getting to the hoop that is his only goal. La Lumiere noticed this and just collapsed on him leaving outside shooters open. However, this is so minute and can easily be a taught.  A spectator summed his game up best, “That Shepard dude could dunk from half-court, I think.”

Brandon Ashley- As advertised. Just relentless and explosive. In the game against SF Roosevelt he dunked on the same little white kid multiple times. That kid had a rough night but Ashley did not.

Anthony Bennett- Was in foul trouble the first game and did not play in the second game.

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