2013 Stephen Domingo Enjoyed His Visit to Washington

2013 Stephen Domingo finished his unofficial to Washington and to describe his visit he said, “It was tight.”

Stephen Domingo (Photo by Doug Ko of SanFranpreps.com)

There were a lot of things that impressed him about his visit to Washington but one of the first things he mentioned was hanging out with the team the entire weekend.

“The team was really cool. They do a lot together, the whole team went to the football game together. That was cool.” Domingo said. He was able to see what it was like in the locker room before and after the SPU game, walk the tunnel before the football game and hear the trash talk of the Oregon and Washington rivalry.

At the SPU game he was able to see just exactly what the coaches have been telling him in the recruitment. “They give their wings so much freedom. CJ Wilcox has the green light to shoot.” Domingo said. This mentality and coaching style is what Domingo has been hearing about when it comes to how he would be used in the Husky offense.

If the shot is within his range he will have the green light to go for it. At the game he saw former players like Nate Robinson, Will Conroy, and Brandon Roy come in and were celebrated by the Husky faithful. Seeing these NBA players have success at Washington and then make an impact in the NBA is important to him.

“They have been telling me they know how to use wings and get them to the NBA. They showed me film of CJ [Wilcox] and Tre [Simmons] and this is how they would use me.”

He saw a glimpse of the Dawg Pack and the Husky fans at the SPU game when about 10,000 people came out to support the team. He said that the fans impressed him, but especially at the Oregon vs. Washington football game. The current Husky players told him that same energy translates to the basketball court and it increases as the season progresses.

While, he is no where near deciding on his future school, the Washington visit impressed him. He still plans to get out and visit more schools whether that is officially or unofficially, his visits are not done.

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