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Stephen Domingo Visits Arizona: Q&A

Stephen Domingo just got back from his unofficial visit down to Tucson, Arizona. He was there for the Red & Blue game and also got to spend time with the coaches.

Tell me about your visit to Arizona. 

It was great. The atmosphere was great, everything was great. Talking with the coaches, I mean overall it was a good way to see Arizona in a different light. Get on the campus and see, that was really big.

What was your favorite moment on your visit? 

Sitting down with Coach [Miller] after the game. The game was live and everything was crazy about the game but sitting down with Coach after the game was probably my favorite moment.

What sort of things did you learn about Arizona?

They really emphasized how they need someone to come in and play big minutes right away my freshman year, at my position. They really emphasized that and they think that I am that guy that can come in and do that. I kind of understood it from them before but they really stressed that and stressed how much they could develop me.

What position are they saying you will play at? 

The same position that Kevin Parrom and Solomon Hill play right now. A lot of their wings are interchangeable so it’s basically like a 2 or 3 combo.

Do you know if they are recruiting anyone else like you or are you their main priority? 

I am not sure. They are really keen on me. They have made it known that I was more of their main priority and they want me to come in right away. They have already formulated what they want me to do. I don’t know about recruiting other people but I know that much.

What exactly is the coaching staff telling you (as far as how they are going to use you)? 

They have a bunch of plays where there is a lot of movement, a lot of coming off screens. Obviously, catching and shooting. Coaches said they can create better plays for that, in terms of a catch and shoot player but also using my length to get the ball off the boards and push it. They don’t like when their wings just outlet it to the point guard, they want their wings to push the ball more. They think I can really do that too.

Could you see yourself there, at Arizona? 

Yes, definitely.

Are they high up on your list? 

The schools that are getting visits are getting visits for a reason. I really want to see them and if the visit goes well then it really helps them. It’s too early for me [to decide] but a visit really helps them out a lot.

Do you see yourself as a fit with the coaching staff? 

Yes. I think there was definitely a connection, there was definitely a good fit. But there is a bigger component than that. But I have to wait, there was a fit but this isn’t the only fit with a coaching staff. I fit with others but there was definitely a deep connection, we were on the same page.

How was it compared to your other visits? 

It just stacks up in a different way. It was just a high-power weekend. They had all their commitments from 2012 there, this was like their first scrimmage. It was like their mid-night madness. So it was really a high-power weekend, it was a lot of fun and there was a lot of things involved with it. It was just a different way, a school is supposed to come through on a big-time weekend and they definitely did. It just stacks up differently [than the other visits.]

What are your other upcoming visits? 

Washington. (Nov. 5)

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